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Fight Like a Kid is an amazing Charity that is very close to our hearts.

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Our Story

We are a registered charity that supports children and their families through their cancer diagnosis and beyond. Supporting Children and young people within the UK. Our inspiration behind the charity came from a very inspirational little boy named Theo. When Theo was five years old, he was diagnosed with a very aggressive childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma.

Neuroblastoma is a rare cancer. Only 100 children within the UK are diagnosed with the disease every year. By the time the cancer was found, it had spread to Theo’s bones, head, shoulders, legs and pelvis. Symptoms of the disease were present for only two weeks before he was diagnosed, It all happened very quickly. Theo went from being a normal happy healthy child, to being unable to walk within two weeks. In most Neuroblastoma cases, by the time it is found it has already spread to nearby tissue and bones. Meaning a lot of children are already stage 4 when the cancer is found. It is a silent killer and survival rates for this particular childhood cancer are low.

Theo endured seventeen months of aggressive treatment in the hope of becoming cancer free. At the moment, Theo is waiting for his end of treatment scans and assessments to see whether the cancer has gone (in remission). He still has along way to go, but experiencing this journey first hand, we saw the need for support for these children, for the families affected by this awful disease…

We saw what a gift meant to a child going through gruelling chemotherapy and how much happiness that gift brought to that child. We saw that smile in between holding the sick bowl and vomiting, We saw the smile that your parents long to see, that smile that keeps them smiling too.

We know the financial burden you experience during the long hospital stays is one you could do without and that the first and foremost of your worries, should be solely for your child and your child only. We know you have to leave work to either care for your child, or to care for other children.

We know that family days out in between treatment are special and that making memories are even more important than they ever were before. We know that siblings can often be forgotten about and that the family being together on those special days out mean the world to the whole family.

We know you need support, no matter how many times you tell everyone and yourself, ‘I’m fine’. We want to help you through you and your child’s darkest days, therefore we set up Theo’s Warriors to ease the financial burden a cancer diagnosis brings, to provide emotional support anytime you need it, either a simple telephone call or a visit, it’s up to you.

We want to make your child smile- even if that’s just for one of those horrible days. We know that every day matters and if we can make a child happy for at least one of those days, then that’s one day less cancer has taken away from you both. We rely heavily on supporters who want to make a difference to a child suffering and we need your help through fundraising, donations, media awareness, childhood cancer awareness and supporting our charity aims.

We can’t help those families without your support and families with a cancer burden need as much support as they can get. This journey is one of toughest these families will ever have to face. There just isn’t enough support out there. Please help us to help them.

From personal experience, you can and will make a big difference.

Thank you xxx